The importance of health can be observed from different points of view. Having a healthy life can benefit you in many ways that we may not describe with our words. Your healthy body will be free from different types of disorders and therefore, you will live a longer life. You can continue living your life without feeling any pain or sadness. In the course of your life, you will be able to use your best abilities.

Health is one of the greatest blessings of our Lord that we must do our best to protect it. Before suffering from any sickness, we must try to pay attention to hygiene standards and try our best to prevent sickness spread by looking after private, public, and mental health.

The reason behind this is that health is of great importance for any individual, from young to old, and this issue can greatly affect the total performance and efficiency of humans. Ultimately, a healthy society is built on healthy and capable people.

Red Berry

In this regard and due to the high importance of maintaining personal hygiene and the need for access to necessary products, e.g., sanitizers and disinfectants for hands, surfaces, and different things, HINA DARMAN COMPANY has been registered, registration no. 563780, in the General Office for Registration of Companies and Industrial Properties (Tehran). After obtaining licenses from Food and Drug Administration, Ministry of Health and Medical Education, and other legal authorities, the company initiated its activities around the production of medical necessities by focusing on specialized disinfectants.

HINA DARMAN COMPANY brand name Red Berry in legally registered in the Trademark Registration Office ( Reg.No: 362363 )  and it is the first specialized producer of wet wipes, with different applications, aiming at providing easy and cost-effective sanitizers and disinfectants to IRAN market.

One of the goals of the company is to provide all the facilities and products available today in the developed countries around the world and make them available easily to public in great qualities.

It is obvious that our goal, after supplying the domestic needs of the country and preventing the outflow of foreign currency, is export development at the highest quality.

We hope that the taken steps, even small ones, have been a help in maintaining the health and hygiene of our dear country, and that we will move toward development, prosperity, independency, export development and job creation with the help of Lord and our honorable customers.

We believe that

            The Lord has given every one a clean painting board on the first days of his/her life. When Lord gives us brush and color to whisper the word ‘purpose’, he sets us free so that we become the artist of our life.

Therefore, life is just like a painting. We paint the lines with hope, remove the mistakes with peace, dip the brush into the patience, paint the life with love and bright colors because life is beautiful.

Kind regards

The Board of Directors, HINA DARMAN COMPANY