Privacy Policy

  • HINA DARMAN Co. has high respect for individuals’ private information and protects them. All the available content through each HINA DARMAN services, e.g., texts, graphics, symbols, icons, pictures, videos, items that can be downloaded and copied, data, and all the produced content by HINA DARMAN, are part of company properties and the company has the exclusive right to use and publish all the content. Violators of such rights will be prosecuted and all the rights belong to HINA DARMAN. In addition, all the scripts and service titles provided under the services created by HINA DARMAN and registered company trademark ‘Red Berry’ are exclusively owned by the HINA DARMAN, and violators with commercial purposes will be prosecuted.

  • Users can contact us using addresses pointed at the ‘contact us’. In addition, the valid social media stated at the website footer can also be used to contact the company.
  • It is worth mentioning that all the principle and procedures of HINA DARMAN Co. are in line with the rules of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Laws on Electronic Commerce, and Consumers Rights Protection Act) and in turn, the user must follow all the user related rules.
  • It is also highly recommended that no financial or money transfer must be carried out to a legal or natural person who is not officially approved by the company.
  • Contact us at (+98) 904 434 2475 ( Whats App )  for purchase order and coordination.